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December 12, 2007

Conservative Blog: Time List Biased

I don't really pay a lot of attention to the media critiques coming from politically-oriented blogs, but I thought it worth noting this post that of five cartoons featuring political figures on Time's best-of list for 2007 all five feature lampoons of political conservatives or republicans. Actually I'd say four of five, because there's nothing politically critical of Cheney in the Star Wars cartoon that isn't also critical of Obama's fitness to lead.

My problem is I'm never sure what an article like this is supposed to mean beyond its grousing aspects. Should we look on Time with suspicion now? Aren't people in powerful positions generally more funny than people running for office? Wouldn't the Lurch-like Fred Thompson be funny no matter what side he came in on? What I do know is that articles like this should serve as a warning that all political expressions in newspapers, including cartoons, are going to be pounded by both sides, especially conservatives, in the 2008 presidential election season. Brace for it.
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