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November 22, 2010

Media Analysis Site Slams Joe Sacco

imageI don't really take the criticism made here of Joe Sacco as anything more than the usual grind of facile political talk generated to produce unhappy people that can be more easily separated from their money, but I guess it's sort of interesting that Sacco would be the target of such an attack. Mainstream acceptance at last! Less intriguing is that the criticism so badly suffers from the approach it's ostensibly attacking. It's also always weird for me to see Nerd Court principles applied in some place other than a musty comics forum, in this case the supposition that there's a more rigorous truth out there to be learned by placing in stone non-contextualized, selective comments someone makes at a symposium over the statements they make in the actual work, or, when applicable, the statements they make through the actual work. Then again, I realize that's the way of the media world right now.

Sacco failed to mention all the kids this lady knows able to pull up their pants with both hands
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