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September 13, 2007

Could Jack Cole Land a GN Deal Today?

I thought this article on the notion that good-looking people are getting book deals because they're good-looking and not because of the perceived quality of their work might be a fun thing to place in front of comics people as book deals for cartoonists begin to become a regular thing. Just so we can track it. I hope it's not true. If it is, my comics biography of Paul Lynde (Center Square) is surely doomed.

I'm sure many folks thought Jack Cole was a handsome devil, but I went down a list of deceased cartoonists and he was the first great artist on the list after Peter Arno, and the second closest to the top of the list, and Peter Arno was obviously not the person you slot into such a headline. I guess Charles Addams might have been first, and he certainly wasn't the suave-looking bastard Arno appears to have been, but he gets a pass for having dated Veronica Lake.
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