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September 30, 2007

John Cox, Allen Forkum Call It A Day

imageDaryl Cagle brings word in the September 30 entry on his blog that the editorial cartooning team of John Cox and Allen Forkum are calling it quits, complete with an interview that contains more than its fair share of plain talk. There are a number of things to note about the story, or angle through to which to enter it, including but not limited to: 1) they were considered a conservative cartooning team, which is supposedly one of those thing the marketplace desires, 2) they were never able to generate much of an income despite having a not-inconsiderable on-line presence, 3) their cartoons were visually accomplished, something many people believe the market desires, and 4) it's harder to make a marginal cartooning enterprise work when any potential revenue is shared by two people. Forkum also goes into the duo's decision here. John Cox talks about the decision and also has other art, including a forthcoming comic book project, here.
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