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March 22, 2005

CR Magazine: Tuesday Special

With limited access to the Internet this week, please enjoy the following mix of new features and archived treasures.

Scott Mills Interview
One of the most idiosyncratic creators in alternative comics, the cartoonist behind Slave Labor's Seamonsters and Superheroes series answers a few questions about his latest project and his work in general.

James Kimball Interview
A short question and answer session about the bookstore market with the head of marketing for Pantheon Books, the folks behind graphic novels like Epileptic, Jimmy Corrigan, Gemma Bovery, and Persepolis.

Dylan Horrocks Preview
One of my favorite cartoonists, Dylan Horrocks is poised to make a return to alternative comics after an almost four-year absence. He's working on at least four projects, three of which we can preview here: the lead feature from Atlas #2, pages from a story called "Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen," which may become a back-up feature in Atlas or may be used elsewhere, and a page from a story to be included in an upcoming edition of the Dirty Stories trade anthology. Mr. Horrocks stresses that these pages might be changed before final publication in subtle or significant ways. For a limited time only.

John Romita Interview
From 2002, a long interview with longtime Marvel Comics cartoonist John Romita conducted for The Comics Journal. 48 hours only.
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