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September 11, 2007

CR Review: The Rosie Stories

imageCreators: Diana Tamblyn, David Pasquino (digital art assist)
Publishing Information: self-published, mini-comic, 12 pages, 2007, $3
Ordering Numbers:

I wish I liked The Rosie Stories, the latest mini-comic from Diana Tamblyn, more than I did. Comics seems like it would be a perfect form to explore the intensity of raising children at that wonderful, early age when the entire universe stretches about as far as the four walls around them. Plus, it's difficult to criticize someone creating art about their child without coming across as if you're criticizing the child. While I can imagine people finding a few universal experiences here to share with the author and even reflect back at her, as a comic this mostly fails. There are multiple tone shifts that may not have been the best use of 13 interior pages (one story extends to the inside back cover), and it's only in the last one that we get some truly idiosyncratic, closely observed material about how the story's protagonist obsesses in odd fashion over danger to her young ones. In the comic's best panel, the protagonist succumbs to an compulsive desire to morally improve in general so as to serve as a better example to her kid. While there's nothing wrong with the general approach, I think the whole thing could have been more sharply realized.
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