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March 17, 2007

CR Sunday Magazine

A Short Interview With John Cuneo



Five Link A Go Go

* go, read: Eddie Campbell's analysis of Stan Drake relates the best ever St. Patty's Day story featuring a cartoonist

* not comics: Dan Nadel on design

* not comics: Dan Savage on 300

* go, look: Bloom County archive

* people keep sending me e-mail to say that Joe Sacco has a comic in the April Harper's, although it's not on-line yet


Go, Look: Sebastien Vassant



First Thought Of The Day
One benefit to beginning the long crawl up and out from an extended period of near-debilitating depression is that you can read any writing done during that period as if it were brand new and someone else's. On the negative side, I never noticed until now I keep using the same four adverbs over and over again.
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