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July 22, 2006

CR Sunday Magazine

A Short Interview With Comic Art Editor Todd Hignite



Your 2006 San Diego Con Update

I'm pretty certain that at this point I no longer cover the show in any official sense, but here are some brief notes from my second and final day at Comic-Con International 2006:

1. It's still incredibly crowded. On-site and and on-line registration were shut down, and people were giving up while still on the highway coming down to San Diego.

2. That being said, it really wasn't all that crowded in the alternative-arts section of the comic book part of the floor. In fact, this is the first time I can remember not being reprimanded at some point for taking up space in the middle of an aisle. Jean-Claude Mezieres noted the size of the crowd but also immediately seized on its desires, saying "Maybe some of them are here for comics."

3. I think I may have ruined the Picadilly.

4. Although I'm not 100 percent certain, I swear I saw Don Rosa.

5. Yoshihiro Tatsumi received an Inkpot award during his spotlight panel and touched a lot of hearts with the gratitude displayed in accepting it.

6. There's nothing like ending a day of walking around a comic show by going to a Brazilian grill and devouring a patchwork cow's worth of meat.

7. I have never seen so many kids at the show. There were even kids at the Masters of Alternative Comics panel, causing Jaime Hernandez to decline to tell a story he had planned on relating about Robert Crumb.

8. People were not only not taking tours of the entire floor, but many people were deciding on what to do and what not to do based on how far they would have to travel to do it. If the booth was beyond your ability to see it, you might just stay where you were.

9. I was luck to do a really fun panel with Roger Langridge -- no visuals, just a laid-back discussion about the artist and his art with multiple questions from some really great fans.

10. Arlen Schumer was the talk of the Eisners.

For supplemental coverage, particularly of the publishing news emerging from the show, I recommend my peers at The Beat, Newsarama, Comic Book Resources and The Pulse.


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First Thought Of The Day

I am probably on the train as you're reading this. I love trains. In fact, I love trains for all the reasons people generally hate trains. We need to nationalize the rails and get rid of Amtrak, sure, but I still love trains.
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