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November 12, 2006

CR Sunday Magazine

A Short Preview of Wednesday's Brian Chippendale and Julie Doucet Book Launch


Go, Look: Massive Profile of Dark Horse in NYT


Five Link A Go Go

* the cartoonist Joe Matt has a very cheerful MySpace profile

* awwwww...

* count me among those that had no idea Karl Wills had a blog

* no one can resist the charm of these Manolo Prieto color book designs that start a third of the way down the page (link so widespread, it had to be Drawn!)

* by measure of widespread popular acclaim, the comics-related link of the week


Go, Look: Darwyn Cooke's Criterion Covers


Go, Look: Syd Shores Cover Gallery


First Thought Of The Day
I'll admit keeping rolls of toilet paper in the bar fridge until just before use probably wasn't the best idea I ever had, but I would have been a lesser man for not giving it a go.
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