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January 14, 2006

CR Sunday Magazine

Meow, Baby! Preview
You've seen Jason's elegant, heartfelt works like Hey, Wait..., The Iron Wagon and Why Are You Doing This?; now get a sneak peak as to why many of his fans consider him a humor cartoonist first and foremost.

Here and There

* One of many weird, hidden gems in the new Bud Plant catalog -- recovered warehouse copies of the Friends of Old Gerber Portfolio, with pieces of art from various folks in support of the writer's legal quest against Marvel Comics. Now that I think about it, print portfolios were like the first piece of comic shop merchandise.

* There are two letters in the letters column worth reading regarding the Muhammed cartoons published in Denmark and then Norway, and the attendant controversy. One is better linked than anything I've posted; the other is far smarter and more rational-sounding than anything I've posted.

* Paul Di Filippo sent a note drawing my attention to Ed Briant's cartoons in Publishers Weekly. Since he apparently knows my future, I'm not going to argue with him. Seeing Briant's work makes me wonder if there's a bunch of single-venue cartoonists out there. I've been reading Ross MacDonald in Virginia Quarterly Review.

* CR reader Jon Kudelka suggests a follow-up link about the New Zealand cartoonist fired for doing a cartoon critical of Israeli political policy. Thanks, Jon.

A Short Interview With Austin English


He's one of the youngest of the young cartoonists, has one of the more controversial approaches to art of a younger generation often characterized by (and castigated for) certain approaches to art, and is one of the few cartoonists who writes about comics as well. Meet Austin English.

Go, Look: Batgirl


Starting I think on Friday, a bunch of artists decided to do Batgirl drawings and upload them on their various personal journals and whatnot for your viewing pleasure. Bored people amusing themselves isn't all that interesting in and of itself, but some of the drawings are fun, and it's interesting to note how many stylistic variations exist for a character like this one, variations that would probably never be considered for use by a big, corporate publisher. That's Steve Rolston's -- click through the image for a page of links.
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