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June 19, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

A Short Interview With Douglas Fraser


San Diego's Comic-Con: Getting Closer


I have no idea what that is or what it does, but I do know that many things like it will be on display in three-plus weeks at San Diego's Comic-Con International, and that clicking on the photo will take you to this site's Comic-Con International Guide. The readers tips portion has been updated a few times, including a suggestion why driving on Sunday may be a problem...

I've had a few people write me as to what I might suggest doing with children in tow. I know that the Con has some baby-sitting available, which might be a good idea if you're there for a directed, professional reason. But if you're there to enjoy the sies with your family, I'd just take it easy, let your kids' interest direct your time on the floor, and keep in mind a few things:

1) there's generally a lot of walking involved.
2) Saturday is generally very, very busy and crowded, which can add to exhaustion. The visual overload can also be tiring for adults, but I figure kids may be more immune to that. Maybe not.
3) Sunday is kids' day, with related programming.
4) there's a lot of adult activity on the floor -- people in suggestive costumes, books that my grandmother would have gladly pitched into a bonfire, salty talk on panels -- and a lot of adults, period.
5) I probably would have enjoyed eating over by the boats and water (to the west of the Convention Center, or behind the hotels) rather than in the strange neighborhood with all the unhappy people (aka Gaslamp District).

I think I would have liked CCI when I was a kid because of all the stuff to buy and all the crazy people, but I was a weird kid.

Does anyone who is actually participating in the circle of life have .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)?

Go, Visit: Matt Broersma's Web Site


A potential break-out alternative comics star: there's lot of art under "illustration," and some full comics a few entries down in the "comics" section.
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