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July 10, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

Meet Gary Groth and Kim Thompson!


Shake hands with the Fantagraphics co-owners and many other comics and related geek-culture luminaries at this week's Comic-Con International in beautiful downtown San Diego, California. You may want to take one more peek at this site's Comic-Con By The Numbers travel guide, particularly if you booked your hotel through Travel Planners (the tip is the last item in the second to last group). If you've ever wanted to feel better about how much you sweat, these are the panels in which I'm participating. If you'd like, you can then compare me with someone who knows what he's doing.

Heidi MacDonald worked really hard compiling various panel schedules so I don't have to.

Dark Horse Schedule
DC Comics Schedule
Devil's Due Schedule
Drawn & Quarterly Schedule
Fantagraphics Schedule
Image Schedule
Komikwerks Schedule
NBM Schedule
Slave Labor Schedule
Speakeasy Schedule

This Comics Journal message board thread has a few worthy items, including what cartoonist Johnny Ryan will have for sale, what the artist Coop will be wearing and where Keith Knight will be. That's mostly on page two. Big news for alt-comics geeks is that Buenaventura Press will be moving from some location in the retail-burbs to booth 1945.

I kid because I love... for one thing, my former full-time employers are Chaykinishly young-seeming.

Not Exactly Comics: Don't Pick On Me

imageCartoonist Tom Neely's music video for a song from the band The Muffs is currently up on their site. After clicking through the picture here, you'll still have to hit the "Muffs Media" and then the "Video" button, before finding the right icon to hit for the song. I liked it; I'm a sucker for that old-timey cartoon look, and I think the character designs are appealing.
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