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July 17, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

A Short Interview With James Kochalka


San Diego Update

1. I'd never been to a superhero panel before, but I did two yesterday: Image's and Joe Quesada's. That was sort of interesting -- kind of hardline publishing news mixed right in with previews and a lot of guy humor.

2. Gary Panter, David B., David Lapham, Kyle Baker, Kim Thompson, and Jordan Crane are all very patient, understanding people.

3. Sammy Harkham is planning to do a comic book-comic book, something I didn't know. The D&Q Showcase Volume 3 failed to show up for the con, but hopefully will make it to LA for Harkham's reception Monday at Meltdown.

4. I'm not sure how Mark Evanier moderates 14 panels at a con, but having a busy schedule sure makes the day fly by.

5. I've only seen three Klingons in three days. I've seen more people dressed from Naruto.

6. Everyone was still talking about Arnold Drake's instantly legendary singing performance at the Eisner Awards. If Mr. Drake ever wants to go drinking with young North American cartoonists, many are on the record about wanting to do so.

7. Cabbies in San Diego don't know where anything is.

8. Bonus! I got to meet two writers I really like: Brian Doherty and Abhay Khosla (whom I may have met briefly before), and got to see another writer whose work I very much enjoy who's working on a slightly surprising but nod-your-head-in-agreement-that-would-work adaptation for television/film.

9. The longest line at Fantagraphics' signings the weekend thus far has been for the Hernandez Brothers.

10. The Image panel only had 37 people in it when I stopped by.

For those interested in following the avalanche of publishing news coming from San Diego via panels and related announcements, I would recommend the special San Diego Con News Feed from Jeffrey Stevenson.

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