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September 4, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

Initial Thought of the Day

If Diamond were to instigate aggressive measures in order to promote new direct market stores, would existing stores support this or see such benefits as an unfair advantage given a business rival?

Let Warren Craghead Draw You Something


The great Warren Craghead sent this charity-related note:
Following the lead of a bunch of other area artists, I'm starting a scheme to raise money for the victims of Katrina, similar to a thing I participated in
last year to raise money for the Kerry campaign.

For a 25$ donation I will draw ANYTHING you want -- name it, I'll draw it (well, nothing too sick). If you like I'll pick something. I'm a pretty good drawer. The drawing may include collage. Contact me via email. I'll do this project for one month, until October 2, and I'll post here what I send out.

As an added bonus I'll throw in a couple books I've made, and I'll put you on the postcard-drawing list.

All the cash will go to the Katrina relief fund at MercyCorps.

Craghead can be e-mailed .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Go, Read: Tangentially Related to Labor Day Comics


I tried to find some nice, modern pro-labor cartoons, or even a nice historical survey, but as I didn't think much of what I was able to dig up you're probably better off looking at some politically-charged work by good cartoonsists who were extremely pro-labor.

That's Crockett Johnson above: "Just because your greedy workmen decide to go on strike I can't have a new Mercedes. Somehow it doesn't seem fair."

Go, Read: Chris Oliveros Madness

imageThe driving force behind Drawn and Quarterly is featured on this alt-weekly page and interviewed on this one. It should be a big Fall for Drawn and Quarterly, mostly for a trio of books: Wimbeldon Green, Pyongyang, and The Push Man, all of which are very worth reading and each of which should find a publicty toehold of some sort in the weeks ahead.

Scans from the New Yorker preview of his line's Wimbledon Green can be found here.

Sim and Gerhard Hit Campus


Mr. Grumpypants Sits on a Panel

Honor America's workforce by listening to those of us who sit at home in our underwear, typing. Ian Brill has posted an MP3 of last summer's bloggers-about-comic panel hosted by Mr. Mark Evanier. No, I did not just wake up. Yes, I always sound like that.

2003 photo of Oliveros by Whit Spurgeon
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