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October 2, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine


Recovering My Mailbox

Here are a few things I missed announcing due to a recent, extended e-mail crisis.

1. Holy Crap! It's the Baltimore City Paper Comics Issue, with an article by Tim Kreider and a profile of Charles Burns! Sunday boredom reading is all taken care of now, thank you! Kreider shows off that great, cranky voice of his:
Doubtlessly connoisseurs of comics will despise this list for its prejudices and omissions. Fuck them. These are people who think Craig Thompson's Blankets is a good graphic novel because it was well drawn and very, very long. Really good graphic novels are still too few, but superb new work is being written and drawn all the time. I'm still waiting for the second volume of Jason Lutes' complex and ambitious historical novel Berlin, and I'm told the new book Epileptic, by one David B., is extremely good.

It's not yet clear where comics are in their history -- whether the current spate of serious, literary comics is just the autumnal blaze of an obsolete medium in its decadence, or the spazzy, pretentious, and gorgeous adolescence of a new, unexplored art form. The difference may depend on the ambitions and talents of a handful of individual creators -- and on the adventurousness, curiosity, and discernment of you, the reader.

2. There's a big Bob Fingerman release party a week from Friday at MoCCA that sounds like it will be fun.
WHAT: Bob Fingerman Book Release Party
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 14th, 7PM to 11PM
WHERE: Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, 594 Broadway, Suite 401, New York, NY 10012

3. Sandra Bell-Lundy and Lynn Johnston participated in a charity auction to support literacy. It involved illustrated envelopes, and while it's too late for you to bid, hopefully you can appreciate both cartoonists' charitable impulses.

4. Comics Foundry has organized a networking party at MoCCA for tomorrow night (Monday, October 3).

5. Somehow, I missed this Grant Morrison interview from a few weeks back that everyone else enjoyed.

6. I can't tell if this editorial marks the beginning of a new on-line magazine effort or a refashioning of one I never read.

7. Arthur Suydam is having a show at someplace called the Mosely Gallery, from October 6-28.

8. This might be the weirdest Marvel licensing partner yet: Japanese clothing label Bathing Ape. I want some of those Thor shoes! Okay, not really. Okay, sort of.

Things Where I'm Not Yet Sure What I Think


Reader Todd Allen noticed something I didn't, although I am three hours away from a big bookstore:
I was passing through Borders today, and on one of the front tables was the hardcover edition of Identity Crisis, which I picked up, because I thought it somewhat odd for a novel to be called Identity Crisis. I didn't realize it was the comic. The cover is typical for 'name author' release. Meltzer's name is in BIG letters. The title is in BIG letters. The artist names are in smaller letters, and while there is an illustration on the cover it's smallish and in the lower left corner - not a prime spot the eye will jump to. I had to pick it up before I fully realized what it was.

Does anyone have any .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) It's definitely something to track.

Kurt Busiek responds.

Things I Learned After Everyone Else

* Rich Tommaso is one of the artists working on the Center for Cartoon Studies books.

* Warren Ellis: "Laurenn McCubbin is the new Art Director for Image Comics."

* As three of you were happy to point out in you-idiot fashion, one remarkable thing about this year's scholarly summit at ICAF is the participation of some quality thinkers on comics not linked to academia, notably Jerry Robinson, Bob Andelman, and R. Fiore.

Larry King-Style Initial Thoughts of the Day

I bet video/dvd shelving would work for manga. Can anyone .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I wonder if Ralph Mathieu at Alternate Reality Comics in Las Vegas has ever had anyone pop in after winning some cash at a casino and drop some of it on a bunch of funnybooks. Because I would totally do that.

I have probably in my lifetime purchased fewer than ten comics publications of any kind in a physical, walk-in bookstore.

I have an embarassing habit of casting movie versions of 1980s indy comics in my dreams, usually in the form of some sort of entertainment the dream version of me is taking in or about to take in. Apparently, my subconscious thinks that Sean William Scott, Bob Hoskins, and Julie Bowen would make for a fine movie version of The Badger.
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