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October 9, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

My New Goal In Comics


To stay around long enough to meet a cartoonist who got his/her start reading about the Center for Cartoon Studies in the Farmer's Almanac.

Go, Read: Stan Lee Media Saga

The Washington Post takes a stab at a definitive article about the collision between Stan Lee Media and accused shady fundraising on behalf Senator Hillary Clinton. I think I agree with the anonymous juror quoted.

Happy 62nd Birthday, Mike Peters!


Policy Change: Five For Fridays

The Five For Friday feature has become too popular for me to 1) accept submissions whenever and 2) scroll them out as I get them on Friday. So all of your submissions will be posted Saturday morning and then shut down. This concerns approximately .1 percent of you, but I thought I'd make that clear.

I'd rather it be feasible the other way, too, but I draw the line when I get *phone calls* from readers asking why I haven't put their submission up yet! I hope everyone will continue as they have been; it's a fun Friday distraction for me, too.

This Week's Poorly-Scanned Photo


The above photo was sent to me by my pal John out of a Bloomington, Indiana newspaper. It's from the Michael Uslan exhibit that went into the Lilly library. I like the stuff under glass and the Batman movie standee. I met Eli Lilly when I was a kid. He had trained dogs and told me a story about when he was a kid I think in the 1890s he used to like to rile up bees and then run away from them, jumping in the lake.

Initial Thought of the Day

Are some of us old-timey comics readers unable to see the modern explosion of quality comics because so few are serialized and deep down that's what comics means to us?

JPEG of the Week

Shaenon Garrity's former screensaver, a Tony Millionaire rant directed against Frank Cho, from the Comics Journal's messageboard.


Click on the above and scroll down for version that's easier to read.

Missed It: Peter Bagge on Drug War


I Get Letters Asking Me Things

Does anyone know how a NYC-area father might show their cartoonist-wannabe kid a cartoonist or cartoonists at work?
Does anyone know how to get translation work with a big company? (Spanish, I think)
Does anyone have e-mail for a cartoonist named Sarah Becan?

If you do, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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