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October 16, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

Special: An Interview With Roger Langridge


Go, Read: CulturePulp on Stumptown Comics Fest


Go, Read: Brian Hibbs on Professionalism

Last week at Newsarama, retailer Brian Hibbs offered up a cogent rant on the general subject of amateurish efforts at various points within the comics industry. I'd agree with him nearly 100 percent, although I imagine there are a few areas in which I would see disagreement about policy rather than companies acting poorly.

Happy 79th Birthday, Joe Sinnott


Initial Thought of the Day

I woke up from a nap the other day and turned on the tube to a scene on a show where Pete Bagge and Frank Miller were hunched over examining a dead body. It wasn't Bagge and Miller after all, but two actors on something called Da Vinci's Inquest. I found this more disturbing than amusing.

Happy 42nd Birthday, Larry Young

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