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October 30, 2005

CR Sunday Magazine

Missed It: Posy Simmonds' Tamara Drewe


I had no idea that Posy Simmonds was serializing her next work in the Guardian and on their web site, but I'm happy to find out about it 14 chapters or so along.

Go, Read: The New King of Comics

Newsarama has a really solid, long interview-style piece on the deal-making behind Stephen King's Dark Tower comics effort for Marvel. The story of the King-Marvel partnership was teased in July but heated up last week when seemingly leaked to two pretty solid news sources, what looks like (at least to me) a few days before more official announcements were planned for Wizard and Entertainment Weekly. This in turn led to -- or at least made more important -- an official Marvel announcement the second half of last week.

On the one hand, I'm going to remain kind of skeptical that Marvel can pull off making this a bigger-than-comics event as they seem to be promising, at least until it happens. They did reasonably well with 1602 in that regard and King's name still dwarfs Neil Gaiman's, but there's always that counter-argument that nothing's bigger than Star Wars, and while those comics enjoy a strong presence in the market and outside of it they are hardly earth-shattering publishing events, and haven't really been so since the late 1970s and an unlikely-to-repeat confluence of events (the movie's jaw-dropping success, the lack of high-quality licensed product, tired superhero product, and an extended dead-period until the next official sequel).

The bigger news at least for now and at least from my perspective is if Marvel tries to broker other big deals like this one, where a writer is allowed to bring a project into Marvel rather than being asked to serve a Marvel-owned property.

Go, Look: Eyebeam Strips


I'm not exactly sure how a strip celebrates its 25th anniversary by posting strips from 1978, but I received an e-mail noting Sam Hurt's Eyebeam site has some proto-work up along with some work from the strip's 1980s prime. Eyebeam was the NRBQ of 1980s alt-paper comic strips, reasonably well-known particularly at the level of college culture, but not widely enough known to break out.

As I recall, Eyebeam was one of the only comics-related books you could get in my college's bookstore, along with Life In Hell, Ernie Pook's Comeek and Read Yourself Raw.

Initial Thought of the Day
I'm fairly thick-skinned, but if Eddie Campbell ever cuffed me to the floor like he does Ted Rall in this Comics Journal messboard thread, I'd cry for a week.

Everybody Not Exactly My Age Confuses Me

Because I'm so on top of things I'm doing work that should have been done three months ago, I spent some time this morning sorting my remaining San Diego Con photo jpegs. And because I have the face to name recognition power of a drunk who calls everyone "Charlie," a few of these new people stump me. Anyway, I'm 98 percent certain I know all but one of these, but I thought I'd ask in the two percent cases anyway, just to be certain.

Update: Thanks to everyone who wrote in. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Photo One -- Aaron Renier


Photo Two -- Jesse Reklaw


Photo Three -- Josh Frankel


Photo Four -- Scott Robins


Photo Five -- Dexter Taylor! Although "Josh Simmons" made me laugh

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