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January 31, 2015

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from January 24 to January 30, 2015:

1. Angouleme gets underway with a significant focus on the Charlie Hebdo killings. Katsuhiro Otomo is named the first Grand Prix winner from the manga tradition.

2. The great Indian cartoonist RK Laxman passes away at 93 years old.

3. Zunar's office is once again raided by police, with several books confiscated.

Winner Of The Week
Katsuhiro Otomo. So very deserved.

Loser Of The Week
Poor Jim Wheelock! I hope there's some progress there.

Quote Of The Week
"After the war, he was behaving oddly. He began to torture animals. His grandparents sent him to military school because that was the only way they thought they could deal with that kind of behavior. These days we know about PTSD, we know about childhood traumas like that. You know, he probably, in this day and age, he would have received years of therapy... I think I understand where he comes from. I do not agree [with] his actions. I do not agree with his ideology. But I do understand." -- Nina Bunjevac, on her father


the comic image selected is from the brief but notable 1970s run of Seaboard/Atlas

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