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May 28, 2016

CR Week(s) In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from May 14 to May 27, 2016:

1. comiXology announces a streaming service where a monthly fee gets you access to a significant number of works that rotate in and out. Two things noted: Marvel and DC aren't participating; the comics are curated which indicates that access to a deep, deep pull or lengthy run of a series could be limited.

2. Much to the astonishment of half of my e-mail inbox, giant of the field Zunar did a monkey grinder cartoon that depicted a black South African political appointee as the monkey.

3. The NCS on the eve of its national meeting releases a statement of support for opposition to host-state Tennessee's anti-LGBT counseling bill and vows to use an anti-discriminatory standard when it comes to future yearly gatherings.

Winner Of The Last Two Weeks
Mr. Graham Jules

Loser Of The Last Two Weeks
Zunar and anyone who had a chance to say WTF between the completion of the cartoon in question and its publication.

Quote Of The Last Two Weeks
"Hail Wizard!" -- a comics industry journalist pal, signing off after e-mailing me about the endlessly tedious Captain America story and finding out I'm really no longer on Twitter. I know enough to get the joke!


this year's comics images are from Fawcett

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