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November 4, 2006

CR Week In Review


The top comics-related news stories from October 28 to November 3, 2006:

1. Danish cartoons protest trial begins in England. The question: how much of the protests earlier this year were a genuine reaction of outrage over a Danish paper publishing caricatures of Muhammed, and how much were they about local agitators using the incident to their own ends?

2. Former DC VP Rich Johnson goes from looking into a line at Hachette to running one, Yen Press, along with former Borders Group buyer Kurt Hassler. The focuse will be licensed manga, but initial press promises a full array of works.

3. Harvard cartoonist has work retracted and is suspended from the paper, setting off a lot of speculation over whether this should be done or not, and what really constitutes copying between cartoons.

Winner of the Week
L'Association, with a public vote of confidence by popular author Marjane Satrapi after the recent departure of two important creators.

Losers of the Week
Organizers of the Holocaust Cartoons Contest in Iran, scrambling to portray a show no one gave a crap that was supposed to expose the hypocrisy off the West through massive protests, as a victory of some sort for censured speech that, really, no one is out there censuring.

Quote Of The Week
"Then the main event came outside to give the store his blessing: Stan 'The Man' Lee, who walked out to thunderous applause. Stan definitely had the vibe of 'Please don't make me actually talk to any comic book fans today,' which is not to say that I blame him." -- Mike Everleth on the re-opening of Golden Apple's Melrose store (in a different place on Melrose).

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