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January 7, 2006

CR Week In Review


Top Stories
The week's most important comics-related news stories, December 31, 2005 to January 6, 2006.

1. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund rids the Gordon Lee case of one more charge, and begins to brace for a Spring trial on the two remaining.

2. Wayne Markley of FM International fends off another round of rumors that his business is dead, this time spurred on by the return of product he claims is to pay off debt and help streamline his company. General outlook for Markley's company and non-Diamond distributors in general still dire.

3. Nick Anderson hired from the Louisville Courier-Journal by the Houston Chronicle, about as big a move in the world of editorial cartooning as can be imagined.

Winner of the Week
Anderson. He had a near-perfect set-up in Louisville, and reportedly told the Chronicle as much, which indicates the compensation and pay package and work allowances must be alarmingly great.

Loser of the Week
Dan Piraro, who negotiated a rough week as he apologized publicly for a joke that didn't quite work out, a joke that probably would have not just been tolerated twenty, thirty years ago, but I think better understood.

Quote of the Week
"One of the things that is radically different between cartoonists today and those of my father's generation is that those older cartoonists did not think of themselves as artists. They thought of themselves as entertainers. Milton Caniff said, 'We're just the paper boys hawking the papers on the street corner. That's our job.'"
-- Brian Walker in a fine interview about the Masters of American Comics exhibit.

Caniff art above
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