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July 23, 2005

CR Week In Review


Top Stories

The week's most important comics-related news stories, July 16 to July 22, 2005:

1. Joe Quesada receives a contract extension and an additional title from Marvel, locking into place the players behind the next few rounds of DC Vs. Marvel market share battles.

2. Convention Madness! Wizard Entertainment's announcement of a late June/early July date in conflict with the Charlotte-based Heroes Con causes angry comics pros to pledge support to the popular independent show. Meanwhile, Comic-Con International, the American comic book industry's primary trade show and product pageant, concludes Sunday evening with rumors of six-figure attendance and a relative calm in terms of business developments that suggests a new status quo is here, like it or lump it.

3. Cartoonist among those rounded up in politically-motivated arrests in Burma.

Winners of the Week
Casual fans of the European comics industry, who with the emergence of a new Futuropolis imprint get to chew on issues so broadly defined even those of us who get a little lost in the imprints and publishers can figure them out.

Loser of the Week
Will it be Heroes Con in Charlotte, who may have to deal with a juggernaut Wizardworld convention in regionally proximate Atlanta the same weekend as its 2006 offering, or will it be Wizard Entertainment, who might just blink after being made to look like giant, predatory shitheels by muscling in on a date already selected by the popular independent con and its well-liked organizers? The next 144 hours should tell. I would expect a formal statement and possible backing off from Wizard early next week.

Quote of the Week
"Oh my god, Cooke's turning into Brandford Marsalis." -- BeaucoupKevin, upon hearing that artist Darwyn Cooke is doing a new edition of Will Eisner's The Spirit, kicking off an essay about the talented cartoonist's past and future projects.

art by Darwyn Cooke
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