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July 11, 2006

Crisis On Infinite Farming Collectives


* There's probably a fine article to be had about Hugo Gellert's art as a potential influence on early comic book superhero art, particularly the John Henry iconography. This article isn't sharply realized enough to be it, though.

* Another article sure to be dissected today by astute comics folk, this piece in Book Standard does that weird thing you see sometimes where it puts an interesting subject out there -- how longstanding comics companies will compete with bigger New York book houses -- and then just sort of repeats its assertion a few times with some really broad solutions offered up by an arbitrary cross-section of publishers.

* Apparently there are wish-fulfillment aspects to Superman. Who knew? It's another basically by-the-numbers piece, albeit one that gets points for calling Batman a "trustafarian" and for using my favorite British put-down, "weedy."
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