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April 13, 2012

Daily Cartoonist: Charles Schulz Award Was Suspended

Alan Gardner over at Daily Cartoonist noticed that this year's Scripps-Howard awards did not include an announcement for the Charles M. Schulz Award, which for several years has gone to the best college cartoonist. He was told by the foundation that the award was discontinued due to lack of entries.

Nate Creekmore, Nate Beeler, Barry Deutsch, Brian Farrington, Drew Sheneman, Frank Cho, Steve Breen and Nick Anderson were among the award's winners, which are listed by Gardner at the above, linked-to post. I know of a couple of other working cartoonists for whom applying to win that award was a major part of their college cartooning experience.

I'm not sure if there could be anything similar taking its place, and my hunch is that like a lot of other elements of newspaper and news culture more generally this is one of those things where the structural aspects have slipped away a bit in a way that's it's more representative of the current state of things not to have an award than to have one that suggets a stable industry and a farm system of bright lights ready to take their place within it.
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