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June 12, 2009

Dan Nadel On PictureBox Subscriptions

Dan Nadel of PictureBox talks to Chris Mautner about the subscription model he's using for two books from his company featuring artists with more of a devoted fan base. There are no real answers to the general questions of how this model reflects the company's overall health that doesn't involve opening the books and, probably, listing Nadel's personal financial details down to the last dollar. Also, any model that leads to more books of this high quality is a good thing. There aren't any rules when it comes to this stuff, and most of them have been broken already. Anyway, it's a solid piece on an interesting subject and you should read it.

I'm additionally happy to hear details about Art Out Of Time 2, as I greatly enjoyed the first one. Unfortunately for the argument Nadel asserts, it could be the best book ever and I'd still think it was weird and slightly unseemly if he jumped on-line to review similar archival projects.
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