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January 22, 2015

Dan Perkins Donates The Tom Tomorrow Collection To The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum


Another week, another significant acquisition by the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, as cartoonist Dan Perkins announced today that the Columbus, Ohio-based research institution will receive the collection bearing his pen name. This includes "manuscripts, research materials and ephemera." Perkins is best known as the creator of This Modern World, is a past Herblock Prize winner, and won the Robert F. Kennedy Award For Excellence In Journalism twice (1998, 2003). In the linked-to press release, Perkins cited the museum's ability to both preserve the material and make it accessible to readers and scholars.

Perkins has made an an initial donation, and will add to it in the future. That first shipment is said to have included "tear-sheets of published cartoons and illustrations, interviews, articles..."

I know this is a significant pick-up for the Billy because of their renewed emphasis on getting historical documents and support to their already-massive collection of original art and published materials.
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