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November 6, 2006

Daryl Cagle Communicates With Holocaust Cartoons Contest Winner

imageThere's a nice letter exchange on Daryl Cagle's blog (November 6 entry) about the recent Iranian Holocaust Cartoons contest, via letter from that contest's winner, Derkaoui Abdulleh. He also links to this article that's so blunt and nasty on a couple of issues that it almost reads like the Onion's version of the article, primarily curator Masoud Shojai saying they will have similar contests annually "until the destruction of Israel." I also hadn't known that the museum where the exhibition took place was the former Israeli diplomatic mission. Anyway, Cagle has provided the enormous service of reprinting the cartoon and giving Abdulleh a platform.

As much as I've been unimpressed with the slippery logic coming from the show's organizers about their overall aims, I'm sure there are many artists like Abdulleh that participated as a genuine expression of laudable beliefs.

Cagle has been on fire lately, with this and his very accurate and welcome warning about the crappy deal being offered to cartoonists by CNN.
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