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January 21, 2005

Das Leben des Jesus Update: Others Acquitted, Appeal of Ban Threatened


Although I struck out with Greek newspapers, and with the publisher's web site, there's a bit more to be had on the conviction of Gerhard Haderer in Greece for his Das Laben des Jesus through sources like Comicon, the Telegraph, BD Portal, Der Spiegel, the Hindustan Times, and Ananova.

What I missed out on yesterday was that the editor and salespeople of the Greek edition were exonerated, and that if Haderer had been on hand to accept his sentence, he could have paid a fee to avoid the six-month jail stay. There was also a less dramatic public controversy over the book's portrayal of Jesus in the cartoonist's native Austria when it was originally released in 2002. The 2000 books printed cannot be sold, and Haderer's lawyer has at least publicly declared his client's intent to seek another decision if that edict remains in place.

Haderer's album, which sold over 100,000 German-language copies, is reportedly the first book to be banned in Greece in 22 years.

Panel from Haderer's book. Yes, that's Jesus.
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