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January 26, 2006

DC Builds Post-Crisis II Sales Profile

Event comics are (comparatively) easy; using those events to build interest and add emphasis to an entire line is hard. One of the key cogs in DC's current strategy to exploit the bounce in interest from its Infinite Crisis thingamadoo is a 52-week series called, imaginatively "52," that should act as a transition between the various cross-world throwdowns and the new status quo. Newsarama has a nice piece that reveals DC strategy regarding that series. Weeklies, follow-ups, and fill-in-the-blank stories are all notoriously tough sells; on the other hand, DC seems to be pursuing a long-range plan of introducing as many sales platforms and marketing strategies as possible to keep fan resistance building up to any one approach. I'm slightly dubious that once an audience is primed for special events there can be an easy return to solid performance across a list of serial comics, which I think inevitably leads to more stunts, which over time leads to exhaustion and broad, not insignificant decline.
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