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June 21, 2018

DC Comics Goes Full Year Between Wal-Mart Plans

imageAt least I think it's been that long. The new initiative also features A-list talent and proven serials, but it looks like its distinguishing factors are a mix of exclusive new comics with older serials, plus a really aggressive plot point of approximately $5.

I think a lot of this will initially be discussed in vague industry-progression terms. I do think there's a market for a few comics publications that are priced as an add-on and that will also be sold in areas that haven't had a store since Marvel drove everything over a cliff in the mid-1990s -- I lived in a town like that for 11 years, and paper Shonen Jump killed there. If DC finds a way to make this one happen, that will be a good deal for them. I also hope the DC contracts from 2000-on have been such that the creators get paid a reprint fee, but I don't have any memory of those kinds of details from what little of I know of those contracts.

I imagine there will be conjectural pushback from the Direct Market. I don't think that's a single pie being divvied up. Period. I will forgive DM stores a more general frowny-face at a client base that will occasionally innovate in one market but seems determined to stay locked into the past with an existing one. That must kind of suck.
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