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August 24, 2005

Denver Library Nixes Fotonovela Subs


The situation in Denver where an anti-Spanish Language group turned up racy material in fotonovela magazines available at the city's library, which led to a brief look at all adult comics holdings in the system, has seemingly concluded with the withdrawal of subscriptions from the original group of titles intended. They had been temporarily removed from shelves while a decision was being made and various groups jockeyed for political positions with varying degrees of direct applicability. This article captures a kind of shrugged shoulder isn't-that-caving/what-do-you-want-us-to-do back and forth between interested parties that's worth noting. Totally bitchin' picture of the material iself (above), too.

(Fotonovelas have an interesting history all their own that has been discussed in the works of former Comics Journal contributing writer Anne Rubenstein and by the critic Daniel Raeburn.)
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