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May 24, 2017

DHX Media Acquires Iconix’ 80 Percent Stake In Peanuts

imageThe Canadian company DHX Media -- best known for its ownership of the Teletubbies brand -- has acquired the 80 percent of all that is Peanuts from Iconix in a move designed to stabilize the latter company's shaky financial standing. I don't have any clue as to what this means, but my hunch is that this is DHX is a more stable home and that the size of the purchase would make the property something the company would want to put to use. You could probably build a pretty good cable channel just from its higher-end, well-scrubbed kids properties, and Peanuts is not only a solid performer there's a lot of it.

Another bit of interesting news is that the Peanuts movie from 2015 did well enough internationally to be called an overall success. I'd always heard 3X the costs make a movie a success -- and it didn't make that -- but I also know that with a property like Peanuts even a modest performance can infuse a staid set of narratives and characters with modern relevancy.

Such a move has been floated for a while although I guess the final trigger-pulling was a surprise. When Iconix was known to be looking for a buyer about six months ago I asked Eric Reynolds, Associate Publisher at Fantagraphics -- which of course has a long relationship with that material in the publishing world -- if there would likely be any changes and he said he didn't think so. Fantagraphics of course has finished its run of black-and-white hardcovers but continues with paperbacks, a color Sunday series and the occasional themed book.
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