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June 7, 2016

Dilbert’s Scott Adams Fears He’ll Be Assassinated In A Hillary Clinton-Triggered Race War


Adams has been in the news this year as an early backer of the legitimacy of Donald Trump's bid for the presidency, citing the likely Republican candidate's ability to use speech to persuade which he describes not like effective political speech but more like the way characters use magic and hypnosis in those Now You See Me movies. The probable Democratic nominee's recent pushback speech contains many of the same kind of persuasive trigger words, apparently, and Adams believes that means he could be in trouble. It may remind some folks of connections that Dave Sim has made in the past: using elements of speech to define the past and predict the future.

I don't really have much to say about this, but certainly we're learning that grand-theater politics combined with the churn of social media poisons the holy shit out of people's minds. I hope that Mr. Adams is not assassinated, and I hope that if he's spared this fate he will take a long look at the train of thought that got him to this place. Then again, I wish the same thing for the people that have been predicting every president since Wilson as the Anti-Christ, and I don't recall any periods of heavy post-election recanting.
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