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January 14, 2015

D+Q Announces Their Eighth Book With Cartoonist Adrian Tomine, October’s Killing And Dying


Drawn And Quarterly announced earlier today it acquired world publishing rights to Adrian Tomine's Killing And Dying, to be released in October. They announced the news first through the New Yorker site (where Tomine is a prominent and frequently used cover artist and illustrator) and then through a mass-released PR e-mail. That information can be found here.

The book will mark the eighth such partnership between the New York City-based cartoonist and the Montreal-based publishing house. Chris Oliveros was acquiring editor. D+Q notes that this will be the 20th anniversary of the Optic Nerve mini-series where the bulk of his published material is initially serialized.

The initial e-mail details a suite of foreign-rights deals also announced at the initial acquisition.

I look forward to seeing the book, as I do with everything Tomine chooses to do.
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