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January 12, 2011

Drawn & Quarterly Acquires Kate Beaton Collection Hark! A Vagrant For Hardcover Release In Fall 2011

imageCR has learned that publisher Drawn & Quarterly will publish for the North American market a collection of cartoonist Kate Beaton's work in hardcover form in the Fall 2011 season. The formal announcement was made today by Chris Oliveros -- the Acquiring Editor, Editor-In-Chief and Publisher at the Montreal-based comics company.

The book will apparently share the name of Beaton's massively popular web site and primary comics outlet, Hark! A Vagrant, which according to D+Q receives 1.2 million monthly hits from 500,000 unique visitors. Beaton's vivid, comedic portrayals frequently draw from history, literary authors past and present as well as their memorable characters. She's published cartoons in the New Yorker, the National Post and Harpers. She's really, really funny.

I believe the cartoonist currently lives and works in New York City.

The comics industry is a much more jaded place than it was a quarter-century ago when readers in almost religious fashion sifted through new work in what seemed like a constant pursuit of new talent. That Beaton has hit in today's crowded marketplace with comics fans both traditional and new, fans hardcore and casual, as significantly and completely as she has, I think speaks to her special, obvious and widely appealing talent. I believe this is a major get for D+Q, and should prove to be a big move among many to come in Beaton's career. I want the book now, and I want copies to give to other people.

Beaton's representative Seth Fishman has sold UK rights to the book to Jonathan Cape, and will further represent the work to international markets. D+Q's bookstore distributors are FSG in the US and Raincoast in Canada.

The full text of today's D+Q press release here: dnqkatebeatonpr.doc
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