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August 10, 2005

DreamWave’s New Owner, Re-Launch

I've been criminally lax about covering the company Dreamwave, frankly because the generally awful comics and the despicable business practices during its decline so depressed the shit out of me to the extent that I just wanted it to go away. I only recently started piecing some of the news together for a possible feature -- so I have no excuses; I suck. Anyway, it looks like the available properties and company elements were bought at bankruptcy auction by someone named Christian Dery, who announced via press release there will be a relaunch of the companies and the titles included. Maybe some new ones, too. Dery describes himself in his press release as an entrepreneur, although that's really a step above describing yourself as a maverick or as a visionary, and you sort of automatically become one when you make a purchase of assets at auction. So I'm not sure how descriptive it is. A google search reveals a photographer and an aeronautics company officer with that name; interviews at the mainstream comics-focused sites are likely.
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