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January 22, 2015

Eisner Awards Names Bill Woggon, Marge To Hall Of Fame; Announces Further HoF Nominees Slate


The Eisner Awards have announced this year's pair of judges awards choices for the Hall of Fame and a slate of 13 possiblities from which four more people can be announced. Going right into the Will Eisner Hall Of Fame are 1) Marjorie Henderson Buell (1904-1993), who worked as Marge and is best known for the creation of the Little Lulu gag panel in The Saturday Evening Post, and 2) Bill Woggon (1911-2003), the creator behind Katy Keene, perhaps best known for soliciting designs from fans.

The nominees, from which four may be voted on-line, are:

* Lynda Barry (1956)
* John Byrne (1950- )
* Chris Claremont (1950- )
* Howard Cruse (1944- )
* Kim Deitch (1944- )
* Matt Groening (1954- )
* Denis Kitchen (1946- )
* Frank Miller (1957- )
* Francoise Mouly (1955- )
* Paul S. Newman (1924-1999)
* Bob Powell (1916-1967)
* Lily Renée Peters Phillips (1925- )
* Frank Robbins (1917­-1994)

So we're starting to get right in the heart of the late-'70s generation for whom many people in my generation were the first group of active mainstream comic book stars. I'm also happy to see both Matt Groening and Lynda Barry on the list. It's hard to think that Miller, Byrne and Claremont won't go in given past voting tendencies, but these days, who knows?

Tons more information through that first link.
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