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November 8, 2016

Election Night Surprise: Chloe Eudaly To Portland City Council


The legendary Portland-based 'zine supporter and owner of Reading Frenzy Chloe Eudaly has defeated incumbent city commissioner Steve Novick. Her primary issue was housing, something that has had an effect on that city's cartooning community as prices have skyrocketed for livable places within city limits. A small-business owner, a single mother and a resident of the part of the city where city-council members tend not to live, Eudaly was considered an outsider's candidate.

Longtime Portland resident Joe Sacco lent his presence and his considerable cartooning skill to a rent-crisis comic used by the campaign.

Eudaly could probably still use some campaign finance relief -- if there's a link that pops up today, I'll put it here. Congratulations to her, her team and her supporters.
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