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August 29, 2006

E&P: Clay Bennett of the AAEC Looks Back on a Tumultuous Year as Prez

imageDavid Astor at Editor & Publisher talks to departing Association of American Editorial Cartoonists President Clay Bennett about his year in office, which turned out to be a busy one. Astor and Bennett look at essentially five issues that marked Bennett's time in office: administrative hassles with the yearl convention, the Association's web presence upgrade (as I recall they used to have a less elegant web presence as a sub-domain on a Michigan-based site), the continuing loss of editorial cartoonist staff positions in the newspaper industry, Tom Toles being criticized by the joint chiefs of staff, and, of course, the Muhammed cartoons controversy from earlier this year.

The interview's most surprising revelation is that Bennett says he left the organization's point-man position on the Muhammed cartoons to other high-profile members because he didn't want to further endanger the life of his Christian Science-Monitor colleague Jill Carroll, a reporter held by kidnappers at the time of the riots and political turmoil swirling around the cartoons. I had no idea.

Rob Rogers becomes the new president on September 1.
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