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November 21, 2006

European Festivals News: Lucca, Blois


The cartoonist Paul Karasik has a fine report up from the Lucca Comics & Games festival; Lucca's a show with a long pedigree and a reputation for reflecting mainstream public tastes. Karasik went last year, so he can compare and contrast on that level, too. has the festival winners from the recent BD Boum 2006, in Blois.

Grand Boum 2006 (award for body of work): Baru
Prix NR (award for author in range of daily newspaper): Luc Brunschwig & Etienne Le Roux, La Memoire Dans Les Poches
Les Medailles en chocolat sont attribuees (beats me): Isabel Ribeiro & Leo, Jean-Paul Salis, Philippe Thirault
Prix Ligue de l'Enseignement-Jeune Public (Album For Ages Six To Nine): Emile Bravo, La faim Des Sept Ours Nains
Prix du Conseil General (Album For Ages 10 to 15): Bruno Gazzotti & Fabien Vehlmann, Seuls
Prix Region Centre (I have no idea): Ludovic Debeurme, Lucille

Additional awards given out during the Festival can be found in the original article, as well as links to material and people honored.
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