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January 11, 2005

Evan Dorkin on Bizarro World

imageEvan Dorkin has a great on-line journal, frequently updated, where the cartoonist holds forth and then chats about various personal and professional goings-on. I found the latest entry interesting because of Dorkin's description of a G-rated editorial edict on the forthcoming Bizarro World and how it's slightly strange for this kind of book at this kind of price point to be kid friendly when other books aren't. He also deftly skewers critical reaction to the first Bizarro volume, Bizarro Comics, although my memory is that a lot of people also didn't like that book for itself, and that the move away from a Clowes cover to a cover signed by Matt Groening and done by one of his studio artists is what may have given people their bad attitude going in more than the "no artist/writer" policy.
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