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January 13, 2006

Event Horizon Changes Its Approach

Some 18 hours after initially announcing that the third issue of the high-end fantasy anthology Event Horizon artist and publisher (through Mam-Tor) Liam Sharp popped back onto Warren Ellis' The Engine chatroom to say that a fourth issue would appear, just not with the same packaging.
imageEvent Horizon was an experiment right from the outset. We tried, and did do something important and unique in the marketplace. We got great reviews, and produced a beautiful book. However there was no getting round the fact that people thought it was too expensive. I entirely disagree with this, but it never went away and ultimately I think it was damaging. Also it fell between pillar and post, not quite being a book or a comic, which made it a tough sell to either market. So the intention is to rethink the product, drop the production costs and page count and return with a slimmer, cheeper version, and hopefully more copies a year.

The next incarnation of Event Horizon (EH4) is still planned for an October release, and will still feature the big names promised - Dave Gibbons, Dougie Braithwaite, Mark Millar amongst them - so although I'm very sad to see this high-end package go, I'm happy it's evolving into something new, and equally Exciting.

The shift in publishing strategies could be seen as emblematic of the many difficulties that smaller, independent efforts are having in gaining any kind of market traction, no matter what the package or intent. It might also be interesting to note that the proposed solution weighs toward the periodical end of the market rather than the book-end, which might be counter to conventional wisdom as to what works right now.

cover to issue #2 shown
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