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April 26, 2012

Every Avengers Q&A Should Feature A Jack Kirby Question

imageThis one did, and although it's unclear whether Avengers co-creator Jack Kirby is named in the closing credits or not at all (I have to imagine he's named in the closing credits, and would bet a big chunk of money on that) I think it's good that a question about the co-creator of that specific property and many of its characters is part of what gets asked those that are participating in the film's PR cycle. There is an active lawsuit, after all, and the issue of creator treatment in comics has an easy-to-tick-off-one's-fingers array of stories to its credit right now (Kirby, Siegels/Shusters, Moore). This makes a Kirby question a matter-of-fact, legitimate line of inquiry. In general, these are things that should be discussed at every opportunity, even when it's inconvenient. That someone merely asking the question can garner its own coverage suggests that these kinds of questions have not been asked and answered. I hope all of you writing an Avengers story over the next several days engage this part of the story.
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