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June 5, 2009

Everyone Please Have Fun At MoCCA


This weekend the Festival of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art puts the capital city of the Imaginary Land of Comics in New York City and its Lexington Street Armory.

imageI would consider it a great weekend merely to get books as awesome as Multiforce, The Gigantic Robot and Far Arden -- and I could do that at MoCCA in the first seven minutes. Truly a fun show. If I were within four hours of Gotham by car, I'd be day-tripping it and if I were within six I'd seriously consider a weekend. There's even some suspense in terms of traffic at the new location.

* this site's informal guide as to how we might personally approach the weekend is updated and remains here.

* the best way to access The Beat's support material is probably by going to the archived events material and reading the first four or five posts.

* you can go to the Comics Journal MoCCA 2009 Guide and find out a few details on 15 of the 196 exhibitors.

* not comics: if you're just in a New York state of mind, James Wolcott has written probably the Platonic Ideal of articles looking back on old (1970s) New York as better and hipper and more rewarding in a cultural and artistic sense. Any comics person who has spent more money on funnybooks unearthed on a Saturday afternoon at an Amish flea market than they did later that month at a top 20 direct market retailer will sympathize with the notion of great art being obscure and found in the cracks of economic decay. On the other hand, pining for filthy, scary subway cars is flatly idiotic, and everybody always projects themselves back in time as being way cooler than they actually are. (via)

A Collective Memory entry will appear on this site beginning Monday next week.
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