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August 31, 2016

Fall Employment For Hunter Gorinson And Josh Neufeld

image* Hunter Gorinson has been promoted to VP Marketing & Communication at Valiant Entertainment. You can read the press releases in various places like here. Valiant's an interesting company, and it seems like they've found a way to be at leat viable. It also seems they pay their freelancers well for a company of its size and market position. It further seems to me there will always be a place for people that do action-adventure superhero and superhero-adjacent comics that reflect older approaches or are simply more manageable as a linewide narrative than DC and Marvel will allow.

* the comics-maker Josh Neufeld will be teaching at SVA this year, in their cartooning department. I think that's a new gig, although I know that Neufeld has taught in the past via residency and in the short term. I would imagine that Josh might be a very good teacher: smart and patient.
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