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June 23, 2009

Family Reacts To Racy Scene In Batman Comic In Calm, Rational Manner

A trio of you e-mailed me this link to a story in the Charlotte Observer about the Spivock family and a sequence in Batman Confidential #18; I apologize to whatever person had it where folks likely saw it first. Stripped of the normal overly-hostile reaction to having given their kids material that was inappropriate, this story actually makes DC look sort of creepy for having that kind of material in there in the first place. At least it does to me: once you take that step back, a scene like the one described really does seem like more of a racy throw-in than a mature expression of anything, like a scene in a Nickelodeon show set in a strip club. Also, because they don't insist on it, the parents look not-crazy for thinking a Batman comic might be for kids (their kids are fans of the cartoon iteration of the character). It'd be weird to function in a world where 98 percent of the animation offerings were like South Park and only a handful of shows were for kids.
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