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August 22, 2019

Fesivals Extra: Ignatz Nominees; Ringos Final Ballot

* I am far too out of touch to be the ideal judging candidate for The Ringo Awards, but I think my opinions are pretty good ones and deserve to be in the mix so I'm not going to turn it down. Plus that's a nice city and a well-regarded show. Final ballot here. I'm betting Yvan Alagb&233; was me. That's a really good book, though. Congratulations to all the nominees and see you in Baltimore.

* I am far too out of touch and not just my diabetic feet to be the ideal snarking candidate for the Ignatzes. Actually, I don't even feel like doing that. These seemed fine to me. There are a lot of good books there and it's hard to argue about the works around which this specific iteration of the award has clustered. Congratulations to all of you as well.
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