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November 1, 2017

Festivals Extra; Appeals Court Reverses Decision Re: Reporting And Posting On SLCC/CCI Case

Here's the PDF.


As it was explained to me, this is a reversal of the district court's order whereby they made specific prohibitions on how Salt Lake Comic Con could post commentary on and items related to the ongoing litigation between that group and CCI. It looks like from that document that the trial may start later this month, barring settlement beforehand. This is a definite sideshow to the main action, and CCI preventing months of this activity before the reversal seems significant as well if you look at these things as wins and losses.

Like I always write, I'm sympathetic to the notion that all of these prominent mainstream-leaning comics conventions are both basically adopting the Comic-Con model and also are in many ways piggybacking on that entity's work as shorthand for promoting and explaining their own efforts. When a movie star in Salt Lake or New York or Paris says "I've never done comic-con before" or something similar, they're not referencing the generic idea.

I do have some personal doubts how this might be actionable in a legal sense, if at all, and I suppose we'll see pretty soon if this specific legal strategy is successful or not.
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