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March 5, 2017

Festivals Extra: Autoptic Pushes Next Show From 2017 To 2018, Cites Opportunities For Board Members


There's a fairly extensive letter from the esteemed Minneapolis comics festival Autoptic here explaining why they've canceled their 2017 show and plan to have one in 2018. "Life gets in the way" seems to be a big part of it, good news for active-artist board members. I sympathize as a festival organizer just how crowded and tough it is right now to provide a peak experience to attendees and pros. I'm glad to hear the organizers are doing well.

I think Autoptic is uniquely positioned not to lose audience momentum by pushing back a year, the way other shows might. I will try to attend the 2018 version and will spend the money saved for this year's event on something at my own show.
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